Great Exercises For New Mothers


Exercising after giving birth is not just intended to bring back the form you had prior to pregnancy. The whole nine months and the delivery process have stretched your body’s tissues and muscles that they need to cool down after the strenuous procedure. Safe and gentle exercises are needed to help these muscles heal and transition towards your regular workout regimen. But as you go about this, do this in consultation with your physician.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

The pelvic floor is an important part of your body that help in delivering the baby. Made up of tissues and muscles beneath your pelvis, the pelvic floor aids the baby to turn and make it to the birth canal. An example to exercise this portion is to lie on one’s stomach then stretch and repetitively lift the arms and legs a few inches and hold them for a few minutes.


A gentle stroll is an easy and simple exercise that will slowly bring your body back on track. It works out your breathing, legs and balance. As soon as you feel that your body has adjusted as you went along, you can carry your baby in your next walk.


To tone your bladder muscles, Kegels is one of the exercises that will be of help to your body. This is done by contracting and holding the muscles that control your urine flow. The reason behind this exercise is to avoid urine leaks.

Head Lifts and Curl-ups

Another great exercise for new mothers is head lifts and curl-ups. From a lying position, bend your knees and let your feet fall flat on the floor. Breathe in and out and when you exhale, elevate your head and neck then lower them down. For curl-ups, elevate your upper body towards your knees, hold for a few minutes before returning to the lying position. Exercises like the mini-crunches or sit-ups, not the full ones, will also engage your pelvic floor and transverse abdominus (TVA).


Stand with your feet apart. Then slowly bend your knees and bring your hips down while keeping your back straight. Bend until you reach the sitting position then, using your heels, push your weight back to an upright position. This will strengthen your abdomen.