Yoga is a Great Workout, Here’s Why


In recent years, yoga has taken the workout world by storm – it seems that everyone, in every city, is trying out yoga and adding it to their exercise regimen. From hot yoga to beginner’s yoga and everything in between, it’s easy to find countless yoga classes and options in your very own neighborhood. Yet what makes yoga worth trying? Many believe that it’s a difficult form of exercise to master, and a tricky one to get comfortable with. However, like so many other workout and health trends, yoga is a trend worth trying. A fantastic workout that will leave you tired and sweaty, yoga helps you get fit with the following benefits.

It Includes Cardio

Sure, the goal of yoga is to enter a pose and hold it steady for minutes (or breaths) at a time. However, that stationary position doesn’t mean your heart rate isn’t increasing; yoga offers the same benefits as a sweaty cardio workout, getting your blood pumping and your heart working. As you move through a yoga flow, keeping pace and matching your breath to your movements, you’ll start feeling your heart rate raise and your body enter cardio mode.

It Gets Your Body Working

Yoga is often viewed in two ways: either incredibly easy and far too relaxed in pace, or overly challenging and difficult. In reality, yoga is a blend of the two, a soothing yet challenging form of exercise that works nearly every muscle of the body. Instead of lifting weights, yoga gets your arms working by holding your own body weight. Every pose engages and works the muscles of your core, and the various inversions and balancing positions involved keep your heartbeat increasing and your muscles both strengthening and stretching. You’ll not only grow stronger through yoga, but will also find yourself leaner and more flexible.

It Helps You Slim Down

Although you may think a more traditional gym workout is the key to sweating away all of the pounds you’d like to shed, yoga can help you do the very same. Yoga affects so much more than mere muscles – it reshapes your approach to life, to your body, and to the food you eat. It’s a workout that helps you appreciate your body and its strength, helping to remind you to treat it well even after your practice has ended. As you carry the lessons of yoga outside of the classroom, your workout can help remind you to fuel your body with only the best food, keeping you on a healthy path while working to burn calories.