Unexpected Yoga Health Benefits


Who hasn’t heard of the incredible and seemingly endless benefits of yoga? Ever since the lengthening, strengthening, and flexibility practice first took off as a workout routine, yoga has become even more popular. Those who practice yoga regularly can’t stop citing its many helpful changes – and, according to health experts, it might be just as great as everyone says it is. In fact, when you perform yoga on a regular basis, you can see benefits that extend beyond your own physical fitness. Here are some additional ways in which yoga can improve your overall health and well being.

It Helps Your Emotional Health

We know that exercise in any form, whether a favorite sport or a health-conscious routine, helps to alleviate feelings of sadness and emotional issues like depression. Yoga, being a form of exercise, of course falls into the same category of benefits – however, yoga might be even better than other workouts. According to recent medical research, practicing yoga can help those with depression, schizophrenia, psychiatric conditions, and even sleep issues. Why is yoga so great? It’s an exercise that stimulates the body’s oxytocin production, which leads us to feel more love and bonding emotions that create happiness.

It’s Great for Your Skin

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of yoga, it also comes with some helpful skin additions. When you stretch out and get going in a yoga routine, your skin starts glowing. Yoga reduces stress, which keeps breakouts and the appearance (and even formation) of fine lines at bay, and removes toxins from the body so you don’t age as apparently on your face. As you contort your body and move seamlessly through certain flows, your body will eliminate all that ails your skin, alleviating a number of problems like dullness, acne, blemishes, and even small wrinkles.

It Relieves Back Pain

If you suffer from frequent or regular back pain, consider picking up a yoga routine in an effort to alleviate your ailment. According to medical experts, those who have chronic back pain will benefit from yoga and feel less pain after a few months of the exercise. After even just one week, yoga can improve flexibility, reduce back-related disability, and help performance in other exercises as well. Even if back pain isn’t your primary problem, the simple act of performing a yoga routine can increase spinal flexibility.