Handbags Shouldn’t Be Made Out Of Animal Skin, Here’s Why


Snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles are some of the reptiles who are killed in order to user their skins for fashion. The same is true for cows, pigs, goats and kangaroos that get slaughtered so their skins can be made into leather. While these leather products are fashionable and exquisite, the amount of suffering that these animals go through is unimaginable.

When snakes are captured, their heads are either cut off or nailed to the trees. They are then being skinned alive believing that this will keep the skin supple. After the skin is removed, they are thrown to the side leaving them to die. Death however, is not instantaneous. It can take hours because these reptiles have very slow metabolism.

Lizards are decapitated. Crocodiles are bludgeoned and sometimes paralyzed while they are being skinned. It would take 4 crocodile to die before a single bag is created and this kind of cruelty should not be condoned.

The same amount of cruelty is displayed to animals where we get leather from. Their agony starts from the overcrowded factory where they are being deprived, castrated and dehorned without the use of any painkillers. Some of these animals’ throats are cut and dismembered alive and conscious.

Why handbags should not be made out of animal skin is clear and simple. It does not make sense to subject all these animals to cruelty all in the name of fashion when we can have a better alternative. But we can start within ourselves. We can start by making that conscious effort and decision in not buying handbags that are made from leather or from the skins of exotic animals. Then we can help increase awareness about what these animals go through and maybe, just maybe in our little way we can somehow prevent this cruelty from progressing.