Can Yoga Help Prevent Stretchmarks?


When your skin loses its elasticity and your body is undergoing a drastic physical change like a rapid weight gain, it is very likely that you will have stretch marks. These are not just caused by pregnancy alone. It can be hereditary. It can be because of a hormonal change or it can be because you are trying to bulk up at such as short amount of time. We’ve read about how we could prevent ourselves from getting one. Can practicing yoga help?

Yoga is one form of exercise and a form of meditation as well. The poses done during the classes have physical benefits and it is all about creating that balance in your body by developing one’s strength and flexibility. Just like any physical activity, Yoga can prevent the formation of stretch marks in your body because it helps in controlling the amount of weight that you are gaining. It helps tone your musles too. Yoga helps you in taking care of your body and your skin so it is toned and firm and you will less likely develop stretchmarks.

In Yoga, deep breathing exercise is performed. This is essential in battling stretchmarks because this exercise can improve blood and oxygen circulation all over you body. Therefore, this promotes skin tissue repair and regeneration. Better blood flow also means that the essential nutrients are distributed well into the body, including your skin, and so your body is able to produce collagen and elastin.

Yoga may not necessarily treat stretchmarks but practicing this can make a big difference. Being able to go into a state of relaxation means that your body can stop producing the stress hormone called cortisol which can affect your overall skin health. With Yoga, you feel lighter, calmer and your skin more clearer.