Great Exercises For New Mothers


Exercising after giving birth is not just intended to bring back the form you had prior to pregnancy. The whole nine months and the delivery process have stretched your body’s tissues and muscles that they need to cool down after the strenuous procedure. Safe and gentle exercises are needed to help these muscles heal and transition towards your regular workout regimen. But as you go about this, do this in consultation with your physician.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

The pelvic floor is an important part of your body that help in delivering the baby. Made up of tissues and muscles beneath your pelvis, the pelvic floor aids the baby to turn and make it to the birth canal. An example to exercise this portion is to lie on one’s stomach then stretch and repetitively lift the arms and legs a few inches and hold them for a few minutes.


A gentle stroll is an easy and simple exercise that will slowly bring your body back on track. It works out your breathing, legs and balance. As soon as you feel that your body has adjusted as you went along, you can carry your baby in your next walk.


To tone your bladder muscles, Kegels is one of the exercises that will be of help to your body. This is done by contracting and holding the muscles that control your urine flow. The reason behind this exercise is to avoid urine leaks.

Head Lifts and Curl-ups

Another great exercise for new mothers is head lifts and curl-ups. From a lying position, bend your knees and let your feet fall flat on the floor. Breathe in and out and when you exhale, elevate your head and neck then lower them down. For curl-ups, elevate your upper body towards your knees, hold for a few minutes before returning to the lying position. Exercises like the mini-crunches or sit-ups, not the full ones, will also engage your pelvic floor and transverse abdominus (TVA).


Stand with your feet apart. Then slowly bend your knees and bring your hips down while keeping your back straight. Bend until you reach the sitting position then, using your heels, push your weight back to an upright position. This will strengthen your abdomen.

Unexpected Yoga Health Benefits


Who hasn’t heard of the incredible and seemingly endless benefits of yoga? Ever since the lengthening, strengthening, and flexibility practice first took off as a workout routine, yoga has become even more popular. Those who practice yoga regularly can’t stop citing its many helpful changes – and, according to health experts, it might be just as great as everyone says it is. In fact, when you perform yoga on a regular basis, you can see benefits that extend beyond your own physical fitness. Here are some additional ways in which yoga can improve your overall health and well being.

It Helps Your Emotional Health

We know that exercise in any form, whether a favorite sport or a health-conscious routine, helps to alleviate feelings of sadness and emotional issues like depression. Yoga, being a form of exercise, of course falls into the same category of benefits – however, yoga might be even better than other workouts. According to recent medical research, practicing yoga can help those with depression, schizophrenia, psychiatric conditions, and even sleep issues. Why is yoga so great? It’s an exercise that stimulates the body’s oxytocin production, which leads us to feel more love and bonding emotions that create happiness.

It’s Great for Your Skin

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of yoga, it also comes with some helpful skin additions. When you stretch out and get going in a yoga routine, your skin starts glowing. Yoga reduces stress, which keeps breakouts and the appearance (and even formation) of fine lines at bay, and removes toxins from the body so you don’t age as apparently on your face. As you contort your body and move seamlessly through certain flows, your body will eliminate all that ails your skin, alleviating a number of problems like dullness, acne, blemishes, and even small wrinkles.

It Relieves Back Pain

If you suffer from frequent or regular back pain, consider picking up a yoga routine in an effort to alleviate your ailment. According to medical experts, those who have chronic back pain will benefit from yoga and feel less pain after a few months of the exercise. After even just one week, yoga can improve flexibility, reduce back-related disability, and help performance in other exercises as well. Even if back pain isn’t your primary problem, the simple act of performing a yoga routine can increase spinal flexibility.

Yoga is a Great Workout, Here’s Why


In recent years, yoga has taken the workout world by storm – it seems that everyone, in every city, is trying out yoga and adding it to their exercise regimen. From hot yoga to beginner’s yoga and everything in between, it’s easy to find countless yoga classes and options in your very own neighborhood. Yet what makes yoga worth trying? Many believe that it’s a difficult form of exercise to master, and a tricky one to get comfortable with. However, like so many other workout and health trends, yoga is a trend worth trying. A fantastic workout that will leave you tired and sweaty, yoga helps you get fit with the following benefits.

It Includes Cardio

Sure, the goal of yoga is to enter a pose and hold it steady for minutes (or breaths) at a time. However, that stationary position doesn’t mean your heart rate isn’t increasing; yoga offers the same benefits as a sweaty cardio workout, getting your blood pumping and your heart working. As you move through a yoga flow, keeping pace and matching your breath to your movements, you’ll start feeling your heart rate raise and your body enter cardio mode.

It Gets Your Body Working

Yoga is often viewed in two ways: either incredibly easy and far too relaxed in pace, or overly challenging and difficult. In reality, yoga is a blend of the two, a soothing yet challenging form of exercise that works nearly every muscle of the body. Instead of lifting weights, yoga gets your arms working by holding your own body weight. Every pose engages and works the muscles of your core, and the various inversions and balancing positions involved keep your heartbeat increasing and your muscles both strengthening and stretching. You’ll not only grow stronger through yoga, but will also find yourself leaner and more flexible.

It Helps You Slim Down

Although you may think a more traditional gym workout is the key to sweating away all of the pounds you’d like to shed, yoga can help you do the very same. Yoga affects so much more than mere muscles – it reshapes your approach to life, to your body, and to the food you eat. It’s a workout that helps you appreciate your body and its strength, helping to remind you to treat it well even after your practice has ended. As you carry the lessons of yoga outside of the classroom, your workout can help remind you to fuel your body with only the best food, keeping you on a healthy path while working to burn calories.

Handbags Shouldn’t Be Made Out Of Animal Skin, Here’s Why


Snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles are some of the reptiles who are killed in order to user their skins for fashion. The same is true for cows, pigs, goats and kangaroos that get slaughtered so their skins can be made into leather. While these leather products are fashionable and exquisite, the amount of suffering that these animals go through is unimaginable.

When snakes are captured, their heads are either cut off or nailed to the trees. They are then being skinned alive believing that this will keep the skin supple. After the skin is removed, they are thrown to the side leaving them to die. Death however, is not instantaneous. It can take hours because these reptiles have very slow metabolism.

Lizards are decapitated. Crocodiles are bludgeoned and sometimes paralyzed while they are being skinned. It would take 4 crocodile to die before a single bag is created and this kind of cruelty should not be condoned.

The same amount of cruelty is displayed to animals where we get leather from. Their agony starts from the overcrowded factory where they are being deprived, castrated and dehorned without the use of any painkillers. Some of these animals’ throats are cut and dismembered alive and conscious.

Why handbags should not be made out of animal skin is clear and simple. It does not make sense to subject all these animals to cruelty all in the name of fashion when we can have a better alternative. But we can start within ourselves. We can start by making that conscious effort and decision in not buying handbags that are made from leather or from the skins of exotic animals. Then we can help increase awareness about what these animals go through and maybe, just maybe in our little way we can somehow prevent this cruelty from progressing.

What Are Some Healthy Energizing Snacks You Can Have Before Your Next Yoga Session


Eating too much or leaving your stomach empty for a long period of time before you hit the yoga mat is not a healthy habit. At least an hour before you exercise, consume some food to keep your body fit and ready for the turns and stretches, which your body will go through during the yoga session. But see to it that what you eat is something healthy and will give you that added boost you need.


Banana is a fruit rich in potassium, which works well with sodium in keeping your body hydrated. This is important as you will be sweating a lot during the session. It also has magnesium that counteracts muscle contractions and bloating.

Raisins and Dried Fruits

Raisins, prunes, dried apricots, and the like, contain nutrients and minerals that you will find useful on your various yoga poses. Pick the ones without added sugar because the raisins alone are a gold mine of natural sugar, which is a good source of energy.


Almonds have Vitamin E, potassium and magnesium that will give you energy, relieve you from hunger and help hydrate your body. They can also provide stamina to your muscles. Ensure that you only eat the plain and unsalted ones.


If you are to eat oatmeal prior to doing yoga, have it an hour before so it is digested well. It has fibre and magnesium that will give you energy as you do your exercises.

Greek Yogurt

The protein-rich Greek yogurt is a good snack to take before your yoga session. It is also lactose-rich and has natural sugar that can provide prolonged energy as you work out. Yogurts also contain good bacteria that help in digestion.

Protein Shake

A plant-based protein shake is a wonderful pre-workout snack. It will be sustenance to your blood. You can also try smoothies made of avocado or bananas. Cacao and almond shakes are also good options. You can use coconut water or acai puree for your smoothie, which can give you a bit amount of healthy fats that will aid your body to absorb the nutrition from the shake.

Can Yoga Help Prevent Stretchmarks?


When your skin loses its elasticity and your body is undergoing a drastic physical change like a rapid weight gain, it is very likely that you will have stretch marks. These are not just caused by pregnancy alone. It can be hereditary. It can be because of a hormonal change or it can be because you are trying to bulk up at such as short amount of time. We’ve read about how we could prevent ourselves from getting one. Can practicing yoga help?

Yoga is one form of exercise and a form of meditation as well. The poses done during the classes have physical benefits and it is all about creating that balance in your body by developing one’s strength and flexibility. Just like any physical activity, Yoga can prevent the formation of stretch marks in your body because it helps in controlling the amount of weight that you are gaining. It helps tone your musles too. Yoga helps you in taking care of your body and your skin so it is toned and firm and you will less likely develop stretchmarks.

In Yoga, deep breathing exercise is performed. This is essential in battling stretchmarks because this exercise can improve blood and oxygen circulation all over you body. Therefore, this promotes skin tissue repair and regeneration. Better blood flow also means that the essential nutrients are distributed well into the body, including your skin, and so your body is able to produce collagen and elastin.

Yoga may not necessarily treat stretchmarks but practicing this can make a big difference. Being able to go into a state of relaxation means that your body can stop producing the stress hormone called cortisol which can affect your overall skin health. With Yoga, you feel lighter, calmer and your skin more clearer.

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that is still done today. It’s a practice that helps calm the minds and bodies of people. It’s proven to have multiple benefits, two of which are weight loss and less weight gain. Here are some ways yoga can contribute to it.

Choosing a vigorous yoga style (e.g. Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc.) may help your goal of losing weight. These can tone your muscles making you look slim, burn calories, stretch and and may provide a weight bearing exercise for your bones. These classes usually lasts for 90 minutes and can definitely have a cardiovascular benefit.

While yoga may burn less calories than the traditional physical exercises, it may increase the mindfulness of a person. They soon have the ability to observe what is happening to them internally and become more conscious of the food they take in and possibly their calorie intake. Yoga practitioners tend to avoid the food that makes them feel inactive or make them experience a feeling of lacking in energy. Instead, they’ll take in the food that makes them feel amazing and pumped up.

As it is known, stress is a big factor that helps a person gain weight. Yoga can help relax a person mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you take yoga classes, your stress levels slowly decrease and you will gain less weight.

Being overweight is an effect of a body being high in toxicity. Yoga helps tone your organs and make them work properly again. Once they work properly again, the detoxified organs (e.g. liver, kidneys, etc.) can start detoxifying your body and then you can lose weight properly again.

People saying that yoga is too tame for weight loss certainly doesn’t know about these. Surely there are more ways to lose weight or at least, keep from gaining weight with the help of yoga. Whether it’s by decreasing your stress level or increasing your mindfulness, it helps you with your weight.